Go Pro Workouts - Pro Workout & Training Programs

Revolutionizing the World of Sports Fitness

Since its conception, Go Pro Workouts has set out to change the world of sports and fitness by providing aspiring athletes with the same workouts and training routines created and used by professional athletes and trainers.

Users not only gain inside access to the very same training and exercise regimens that the pros use, but are actually guided through every exercise by the pro athlete themselves - ensuring proper technique and form.

Most importantly, users can train and track their progress along the way to ensure they're hitting each and every mark, as well as improving each and every day. By providing a web app that is seamless across every device, members can train like the pros from the gym, the comfort of their own home, and even connect and compete with fellow athletes in GPW's own social network.

Meet The Team

Joseph Lamoureux

Co-Founder & CEO

Joe oversees team management, strategy, finance, and online and mobile product development.
I've played and loved sports all my life. The lessons I learned on and off the field helped shape who I am today.

Through my experiences, I've found that there's a huge problem in amateur sports: most athletes have no idea how to train correctly for their sport. Personal coaches and trainers are either unqualified or way too expensive for the masses. Meanwhile, useless and bad information is everywhere.

Our vision is to create an entirely new category in the sports industry; to make GPW the GO TO place online. A place where athletes can get ALL of their sport-specific fitness, technical training, and nutrition information.

I see GPW as a next generation sports company that uses technology to give athletes exactly what they need to improve.

When Joe's not working he's usually skiing, playing soccer, or trying out GPW's newest workout program.

Jeff Seals

Co-Founder & CTO

Jeff oversees all aspects of technical design, development, and engagement.
Nothing drives me more than sports and technology. Creating an app that links the two, and allows its users to develop as an athlete in the process, is very rewarding to a guy who grew up surrounding himself with computers and athletics.

As a pixel-perfect practician and immaculately-coded type of developer, I expect our offering to provide nothing less than emphatic intuition and perfection. With Go Pro Workouts we're able to cut out the middleman and give users access to the routines of actual pro athletes. Coming from the mountains of Vermont, where the closest you could get to a pro was at the mercy of your rabbit-eared television, this is as great as it gets.

If not for his wife, Autumn, Jeff's computer might be an extra appendage. When he can finally get away from his three computer screens, he's usually spotting up for 3 on the basketball court, shanking golf balls on a local par 4, or praying for something better than a 5-win season for his beloved Washington Redskins.

Jared Antista

Co-Founder & CMO

Jared oversees all pro athletes endorsements and sales and marketing partnerships.
Having played high school and collegiate soccer, I saw first-hand that the sport-specific training market was underserved.

My passion is bringing new products to life and, at GPW, we are bringing elite training programs to athletes worldwide. I also enjoy a challenge and, believe me, nothing is more challenging than starting a new business. Having a direct impact on the success or failure of a company drives me.

Married to Paula and proud father of two children, Wesley and Cecilia, when Jared is not training with the Earl Thomas Program, or working, he can be found hucking cliffs in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Kevin Asplund

Co-Founder & CPO

Kevin oversees art direction and brand creative.
Growing up in a small town in Rhode Island, there was a limited amount of workout facilities at my disposal. My passion for soccer, and eagerness to play at a higher level, pushed me to seek out any help available.

With hard work, I was able to play collegiate soccer and earned the opportunity to play professional soccer overseas, as well as in the states.

With Go Pro Workouts, we are now able to make the tools available for every athlete to achieve their full potential. No longer, do athletes and parents have to search out professional help. It's a simple idea; give athletes the same training that elite and pro athletes have at their disposal.

Married to his wonderful wife, Nancy, and proud father to Jake, Kaitlyn, and Ashley, Kevin still finds time to play competitive soccer and train for it using the Jozy Altidore soccer program. His favorite moments, however, are seeing the passion and fun his kids are having playing soccer and other sports.