Go Pro Difference

The Go Pro Difference

Have you ever wondered what the pro's do to get in game shape? Now you can do the same muscle burning, heart pounding exercises as your favorite athlete. Go Pro is the only program of its kind that taps your favorite pro athletes to share their workout programs.

Pro Athlete Designed

Go Pro Workouts is the only company of its kind that taps your favorite pro athletes to share their workout programs. Every workout is designed by a pro. Our world-class athletes know that talent isn't enough - you need to be in top physical condition to play at the top of your game, and there really is a right way to get there.

Pro Athlete Field Tested

These players aren't simply offering you exercise advice - you'll get the same workout programs they've honed to arrive at the best shape of their athletic careers. Our pro athletes have worked with the world's top trainers and coaches to refine an approach to fitness that's unmatched. Now they will share those secrets with you. Don't pass up the chance to learn from the pros.

The Optimal Workouts for Your Sport

The wrong workout program, or the right exercises done wrong, can actually hurt your performance – and drastically limit your future in sports. Countless athletes have suffered career-ending injuries they might have avoided with the right conditioning. With Go Pro Workouts, you'll avoid wasting valuable time and energy on exercises that make you less efficient and more injury prone. Reaching optimum physical conditioning guarantees you a stronger, longer career.

The Ultimate Route to Peak Performance

One of the best kept secrets of the pros? Physical conditioning impacts your play as much as - and sometimes more than – skill and ability. Top coaches, trainers and pro athletes will tell you that optimum fitness is the ultimate route to performance. The best-conditioned athletes can outperform even their most skilled competitors on the field, at the net, on the mat and on the court. Achieving perfect fitness takes more than hard work. You need the best possible workout program for your sport. Go Pro Workouts is the answer.