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Get Hockey Fit Hockey Program

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12 Month Hockey Training Program

Customized for hockey players and followed completely online. You'll get an amazing hockey program designed solely to help you train smarter and more effectively for hockey.

Train smarter for hockey domination

Program covers everything you will need to train smarter. Use our online tools and mobile app to track how you train and get ready to improve your performance.

  • Strength Training

    1. Workouts designed to increase upper, lower, and core strength
    2. Learn to control dynamic side-to-side movement
    3. Develop explosive power that increases performance on offense and defense
  • Interval Training

    1. Increase speed so you can move up and down the ice faster
    2. Improve full-body coordination so you can stop and turn quicker
  • Agility Training

    1. Greatly improve flexibility with a myriad of unique stretching movements
    2. Teach your body to handle explosive hockey movements
    3. Learn how to skate longer and faster without sacrificing control

Train & improve your hockey performance

Train & improve your hockey performance

Our online platform is accessible on any device with internet access. Get off the bench, download our app, and get in the game!