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Become a Better Athlete Youth Program

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8-Week Youth Athlete Fitness Program

This program offers both a strength and cardio component. It's designed to provide athletes with a complete training solution so you can become a well-rounded youth athlete.

Our Promise To Parents

We offer step-by-step exercise instruction. We provide complete workouts that cover all aspects of training including: strength, speed, agility, core, flexibility, and much more! The majority of strength exercises are body weight exercises. This means that your child will use their own body weight to perform an exercise (i.e. push up) instead of dumbbells and barbells. There are a few exercises that could be performed with weight. However, we do not recommend weight in any exercise. Please add weight only at your discretion.

  • Agility Training

    1. Develop quick feet
    2. Improve balance and body control
    3. Increase core strength
  • Warm Up

    1. Learn basic warm-up exercises
    2. Properly prepare muscles for workouts
    3. Avoid unnecessary injuries
  • Strength Training

    1. Improve overall muscle strength
    2. Learn proper form
    3. Increase muscle endurance

Become A Better Athlete.

Become A Better Athlete.

Your Youth Fitness Program is accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device with Internet access. Get it now and start training today!