NBA Center Roy Hibbert

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Featuring Roy Hibbert NBA Center

The real off-season training program used by Roy Hibbert, NBA All-Star Center of the Indiana Pacers.

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What is the Go Pro Workouts Basketball Training Program?

Our Pro Basketball Training Program is designed specifically for Power Fowards and Centers, and are followed completely online. You'll get an amazing program, designed to help you train smarter for basketball. Becoming a better basketball player requires a combination of dedication and performance training that only Go Pro Workouts can provide, so get started today!

  • Professional basketball-specific workout & training program

  • Hundreds of basketball-specific exercises

  • Program covers everything you need: strength, endurance, agility, speed, and much more!

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  3. Train like Roy Hibbert
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How Does it Work?

You'll get a Basketball Training Program designed to meet your fitness goals. With the Go Pro Workouts Basketball Center & Power Forward Program & Fitness Regimen, you gain access to the very same training methods used by one of today's best Basketball players. Use our online tools and mobile app to track how you train and get ready to improve your performance.

  1. Barbell Front Squats
  2. Block Side Shuffle Full Court Layups
  3. Hurdle - Weave
  • Strength Training

    Improve strength and power on the basketball court

    Target all muscle groups with 100's of basketball-specific gym exercises

    Be a physical presence on the court with or without the ball

  • Interval Training

    Improve cardiovascular function and build stamina

    Perform high intensity movements that improve muscle endurance

    Be the most fit player on the court when the game is on the line

  • Agility Training

    Improve lateral movement, footwork, and balance

    Speed up reaction time

    Be lightning quick on offense and defense

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Why Do I Need It?

Because It Works

Our Basketball Center & Power Forward Program helps athletes improve performance off the court so that they have a bigger impact on it.

  • This is the real off-season workout program used by Roy Hibbert

  • Online tools and tracking let you train smarter and achieve your goals

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NBA Center Roy Hibbert

What Your Competition Is Saying

Program Reviews – These athletes want your spot. Don't get left on the bench.

  • Derrick

    "I'm a center and the Hibbert (big man) program absolutely rules. All my stats were up this year (points, rebounds, blocks). Love how there's a training program geared specifically to my position. Like you say: TRAIN SMARTER!"

  • Robby

    "I've never even seen half the workouts in the Hibbert program before I started it! I think what you guys are doing is going to make a huge difference for young athletes like me. I've been telling all my friends about this!"

  • John

    "My players are good kids and they work hard. But when I showed them these programs, and told them it's the same exact stuff the NBA guys do, they got even more motivated in the gym. It's really great to see players excited to workout. Thank you."

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Who is Roy Hibbert

NBA Center

Roy Hibbert showed an interest in basketball long before he reached 7' 2" tall. It was his parents who initially urged him to try the sport. By the time Roy reached college he was successful in securing a spot with the Georgetown Hoyas, where in 2006, he was named to the All-Big East Second Team. A year later he was a unanimous selection to the All-Big East First Team. His talents and notoriety continued to grow, and in 2007, he was named the Big East's preseason player of the year and a pre-season All-American.

He exceled, so much so, that he reached lottery pick status going into his Senior Season at Georgetown. He opted to return to Georgetown to finish his education and collegiate career.

Hibbert was drafted in the 2008 NBA Draft by the Toronto Raptors, but was traded to the Indiana Pacers, where is he remained a player since that trade. In 2012, Roy was selected to the 2012 and 2014 NBA All-Star Game for the East. Roy achieved a career-high 9 blocks in Game 1 of the first round of the 2012 NBA Playoffs.

In the off‐season, Roy is dedicated to his workouts and continuing to improve his game.

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