Pro Skier Hannah Kearney

Skiing Training Program

Featuring Hannah Kearney Pro Skier

The real off-season training program used by Hannah Kearney, Olympic Gold Medal Skier.

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What is the Go Pro Workouts Skiing Training Program?

Our Pro Ski Training Program is designed specifically for Skiers, and are followed completely online. You'll get an amazing program, designed to help you train smarter for skiing. Becoming a better skier requires a combination of dedication and performance training that only Go Pro Workouts can provide, so get started today!

  • Professional skiing-specific workout & training program

  • Hundreds of skiing-specific exercises

  • Program covers everything you need: strength, endurance, agility, speed, and much more!

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  3. Train like Hannah Kearney
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How Does it Work?

You'll get a Skiing Training Program designed to meet your fitness goals. With the Go Pro Workouts Ski Program & Fitness Regimen, you gain access to the very same training methods used by one of today's best Skiing players. Use our online tools and mobile app to track how you train and get ready to improve your performance.

  1. Overhead Dumbbell Press
  2. Tuck Jumps
  3. Deep Front Squat
  • Strength Training

    Increase upper and lower body strength

    Build core strength to maintain an upright posture

    Develop dynamic side-to-side movement with diminished effort

  • Power Endurance Circuits

    Sport-Specific circuits used to mimic a run on the slope

    Enhance muscle memory and movement execution

    Increase lower body power for slope domination

  • Speed & Endurance Training

    Learn to maintain a consistent aggressiveness and a steady heart rate

    Master explosive ski-like movements to gain and control speed

    Easily change directions while maintaining both balance and speed

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Why Do I Need It?

Because It Works

Our Ski Program helps athletes improve performance off the mountain so that they have a bigger impact on it.

  • This is the real off-season workout program used by Hannah Kearney

  • Online tools and tracking let you train smarter and achieve your goals

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Pro Skier Hannah Kearney

What Your Competition Is Saying

Program Reviews – These athletes want your spot. Don't get left on the bench.

  • Ryan

    "I've tried just about every skiing workout routine imaginable and there's really no better program on the market today. I've never felt this strong on the mountain. If you're looking to become a better skier then get this program immediately!"

  • Adam

    "I'm in my 30's and I never thought I'd get back that skiing endurance I had when I was younger. I did the Hannah Kearney program before this past ski season and I was thrilled with the results. My teenage newphew couldn't keep up! He's using the program now too!"

  • Kiley

    "Hannah is unstoppable on the slopes and I now know why. Her exercise regimen is the best skiing program I've ever used, by far. Love it!"

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Who is Hannah Kearney

Pro Skier

Skiing champion Hannah Kearney is one of the most decorated athletes in the sport today. Beginning with four Junior World Championship titles in moguls while still in high school, Hannah won two competitions in just her first World Cup season at the age of only 17. Her drive and talent was on full display the following year when Hannah secured the World Champion title in 2005, establishing a pattern of excellence that has yet to see an end.

A committed and highly disciplined competitor, Hannah achieved skiing dominance by winning almost every major title in her sport by the time she reached 21. In perhaps her most impressive win to date, Hannah won the gold medal in women's moguls at the 2010 Olympics with a brilliant final run showcasing her speed, precision, and artistry. With the victory, she became the first Team USA gold medalist of the games and the first American to win the event since 1992.

Her hard work paid off again in the 2010-2011 season when she won Silver in Moguls and Bronze in Dual Moguls at the 2011 World Championships. Her dominance continued in 2011-2012 as Hannah broke the all-time record for consecutive wins at World Cup events with 16, and was crowned the 2012 Overall Word Cup Mogul Champion, and Overall Freestyle Champion.

The win in the Visa Freestyle International February 2nd at Deer Valley vaulted Kearney past teammate Heather McPhie into second in the World Cup standings despite missing the first two events of the season with an injury. Check her run out here. With a work ethic like this, its easy to see how she captured a bronze medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics.

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