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The real off-season training program used by Gretchen Bleiler, Olympic and X-Games Snowboarder.

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What is the Go Pro Workouts Snowboarding Training Program?

Our Pro Snowboarding Training Program is designed specifically for Snowboarders, and are followed completely online. You'll get an amazing program, designed to help you train smarter for snowboarding. Becoming a better snowboarder requires a combination of dedication and performance training that only Go Pro Workouts can provide, so get started today!

  • Professional snowboarding-specific workout & training program

  • Hundreds of snowboarding-specific exercises

  • Program covers everything you need: strength, endurance, agility, speed, and much more!

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  3. Train like Gretchen Bleiler
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How Does it Work?

You'll get a Snowboarding Training Program designed to meet your fitness goals. With the Go Pro Workouts Snowboarding Program & Fitness Regimen, you gain access to the very same training methods used by one of today's best Snowboarding players. Use our online tools and mobile app to track how you train and get ready to improve your performance.

  1. Sumo Explosion
  2. Supine Windmill
  3. Pushup to Pike
  • Strength Training

    A myriad of unique circuit workouts designed to increase upper, lower, and core strength

    Learn to control their dynamic side-to-side movement

    Develop joint stability and decrease chances of injury

  • Endurance Training

    Maintain a consistent aggressiveness and a steady heart rate when snowboarding down the hill

    Recover at a faster rate between runs through improved stamina and cardiovascular fitness

  • Flexibility Training

    Greatly improve flexibility with yoga and unique exercises

    Teach your body to handle explosive snowboarding movements

    Learn how to snowboard faster and longer without sacrificing control

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Why Do I Need It?

Because It Works

Our Snowboarding Program helps athletes improve performance off the mountain so that they have a bigger impact on it.

  • This is the real off-season workout program used by Gretchen Bleiler

  • Online tools and tracking let you train smarter and achieve your goals

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Pro Snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler

What Your Competition Is Saying

Program Reviews – These athletes want your spot. Don't get left on the bench.

  • Terry

    "And now I know why Gretchen is a world champion. I bought her program and it's completely different than anything I've ever seen. There are so many new exercises. I'm starting to develop all these muscles I never even knew I had. Thank you Go Pro Workouts!"

  • Amy

    "I snowboard for my college team. Just wanted to let you know your Gretchen Bleiler fitness training program rocks! I am crushing it out there and I've never felt better. My teammates love this thing too. Having all those vids of Gretchen walking me through all the exercises is pretty cool too. Thx!"

  • Jane

    "I got the Gretchen snowboarding workouts for my son, who snowboards for his high school team. He's been doing the program everyday and something must be working because he won his last 3 races! It's great to see him so happy. Thank you!"

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Who is Gretchen Bleiler

Pro Snowboarder

Gretchen Bleiler is one of the most accomplished female snowboarders in the world.

Gretchen aspired to compete in the Olympics from a very young age and she found her passion, Snowboarding, at age 11. She has been ridding ever since, and is now recognized as a role model and pioneer in the sport.

As a top to her incredible list of medals and contest wins, Gretchen won the silver medal in Women's Halfpipe at the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Torino, Italy and set a Guinness World Record at the 2010 Winter X Games for "Most Winter X Game Gold in Women's Superpipe Finals" (4).

In early 2008, Oakley launched the Gretchen Bleiler Collection, their first ever athlete-dedicated signature line of outerwear, clothing, goggles and accessories.

Gretchen returned to compete in her 2nd Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada holding one of the four female spots on the US Olympic Snowboard Team.

In March 2010, Gretchen was chosen as one of the "10 Women to Watch in 2010" by Barbie and the White House Project. As a part of this roll, Gretchen was committed to mentor a girl in celebration of Take Our Daughters to Work Day and urging others to get in involved.

The fall of 2010 had proven particularly special in a new way, as August marked a new phase in her entrepreneurial exploration. Together with her husband Chris, Gretchen debuted her reusable/sustainable water bottle company, ALEX.

Gretchen is also an active spokesperson for the environment and climate change. She works closely with Protect Our Winters (POW) and local non profit organization Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES) to help build awareness around this important cause.

The past two years Gretchen has freshened things up by focusing on revamping her riding technique and style and continues to be at the top and a dominant force in women's halfpipe riding.

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